Adding Flash to web pages

Flash (video)

  1. Create a folder called homework8 under your public_html/comw100 folder
  2. Copy or save an image into your homework 8 folder
  3. Create a blank web page in your homework8 folder named index.html
  4. Open a web browser and go to:
  5. Click on Products & Downloads
  6. Click on Trial Download for Flash Firestarter
  7. Click Download the Trial Version Now!
  8. Click the button that says Click Here to Download
  9. Save the setup.exe file to your computer
  10. Run setup.exe and follow all setup defaults
  11. Start the program on your computer
  12. Set the movie height and the movie width boxes to what you need (consider making this the same as your image size)
    * remember that you should not go larger than 800 x 600 because that is the most common monitor resolution
  13. Click OK
  14. Click the Add New Image button
  15. Select the image you placed in your homework8 folder
  16. Click the T in the toolbar to add some text
  17. Drag the text box to the position that you desire
  18. In the task pane on your right, enter your desired text in the text box
  19. Change the font, size, and/or color as you desire
  20. To animate your image:
    1. Click on the image
    2. Click on Add Special Effect (looks like a wand)
    3. Click on Action Effect
    4. Select an effect that you desire
    5. Click OK
  21. To animate your text:
    1. Click on your text box
    2. Click on Add Special Effect (looks like a wand)
    3. Click on Action Effect
    4. Select an effect that you desire
    5. Click OK
  22. You can move when your animations occur by dragging the purple box on the bottom to the correct location
  23. If you do not want the item (image or text) to appear or after the animation:
    1. Click Add a Blank Space
    2. Drag it to where you want it
    3. You can expand this space to suit your needs by moving your mouse to the right or left edge of it and drag it to the desired size
  24. Click File
  25. Click Save Fire Project
  26. Save it to your homework8 folder
  27. The program will now give you the HTML code needed to make it operate on a web page
  28. Copy the code
  29. Paste it to the desired area (in code) on the web page you created in Dreamweaver
  30. Save your page (public_html/comw100/homework8/index.html).
  31. Test your web page in a browser (it may give you a yellow bar to accept the control with when running locally)
  32. Upload this page to your web space
  33. Make sure you update your home page to link to this assignment.

NOTE: What you just did is create a Flash file using CoffeeCup Firestarter. This program runs nothing like the true Flash program. It is merely a tool that you can use to create quick and easy animations for items such as logos.


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