Creating a page in Dreamweaver

Create Homework Page (video)

  1. Open Dreameaver
  2. Click ‘File’
  3. Click ‘New HTML’
  4. Click the center align button
  5. Type ‘Introduction to Web Page Creation’
  6. Hit enter
  7. Type your name
  8. Hit enter
  9. Insert horizontal rule (insert, html, horizontal rule)
  10. Insert table (click on table in tool bar)
  11. Make the table 8 rows, 2 columns, and set border thickness to 2
  12. Click ok
  13. Enter text to make the table look like the following: * all of your text will be in black and not underlined
  14. Below the table type ‘* Homework 1 is the home page’
  15. Hit enter
  16. Type ‘* Homework 2 is the page you are looking at’
  17. Save the file to your public_html/comw100 folder as index.html
    * this should not overwrite anything! your previous assignment should be in the public_html folder, not the comw100 folder
  18. Upload this page to your web space.

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