Uploading web pages using WinSCP

To upload assignments to your webspace at Mott, we use a program called WinSCP. You can download WinSCP by clicking here. Once downloaded and installed, follow these directions to copy your homework assignments.

  1. Open WinSCP on your computer
  2. Login to WinSCP by entering the following information
    1. host name: eshudson.mcc.edu
    2. username: your Blackboard username
    3. password: your Blackboard password
  3. Click login
  4. Open your public_html folder (your web space is the public_html folder)
    click public_html
  5. Using Windows open your thumb drive (or whatever drive you save your files to), browse to and open your your public_html folder
    public_html folder
  6. Drag your files from your thumb drive (or wherever they might be) to where they should be on your web space in WinSCP
    drag and drop

Click ‘ok’ to copy
Click copy

That’s it!

This will only properly work if your thumb drive is exactly the same in structure as your web space. Each assignment refers you on how and where to save files.


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