Using Templates for Design

Templates (video)

  1. Create a folder called homework9 under your public_html/comw100 folder
  2. Locate a free web template (google: free web templates)
  3. Download a free template that you like to your homework9 folder (these are vague directions because every site is different on this process)
  4. Unzip the file that you downloaded
    1. right-click on the file
    2. select extract all
  5. Click into the folder and open up the main web page (default.html, or index.html)
  6. Modify the page to include your header information, any images that you want changed
  7. Create links to the pages that you haven’t created yet (about me, contact, etc.)
  8. Save your web page
  9. Copy your web page once for each link you created
    1. Name the copies the same as the links you created
  10. Modify each additional web page
  11. Upload this site to your web space
  12. Make sure you update your home page to link to this assignment.

The objectives of this assignment:

  1. Explore free template sites on the Internet and use them as a tool for your own site creation
  2. Modify someone elses site
  3. Use the first page of a site as a template for all additional pages to save on development time

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