Requesting a Blackboard Shell

You can request your own Blackboard shells.   To do so, login to the Faculty Online Resource Kit (FORK).  Once logged in to FORK, complete the following steps to create your shells.

  1. Click Blackboard Shell Request
    Blackboard Shell Request
  2. Select the semester that you wish to create shells for
  3. Enter the number of shells you would like to create
  4. Click ‘Next’
    Blackboard Shell Request
  5. Select your desired course section
    *To create a super course (more than one section in a shell), click on the first course, press and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard, click on the second course.
  6. Click ‘Next’
    Blackboard Shell Request
  7. Verify that the information is correct on the Confirmation page
  8. Click ‘Confirm’
    Blackboard Shell Request
  9. Your shell(s) should be ready within one hour.

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