Copying content to a new shell

Once you have created a shell for your new course or semester, you may copy your content.  These steps will ensure a smooth process.

  1. Go to your previously created Blackboard shell
    Clicking on a course in Blackboard
  2. In the Control Panel on the left hand side of your course, click on “Packages and Utilities” and then “Course Copy”
    Course Copy Link
  3. Click “Browse” to select the course you want to copy your material to (the destination course)
    Browse for course button
  4. Select the desired destination course from the pop-up window
    Select destination course
  5. Select the material you want to copy by clicking on the correlating check boxes
    Select materials
  6. Click Submit for the request to be complete
    Submit Request
  7. You will see a green message at the top of your screen indicating that the process has been started
    Process started
  8. You will receive an email once your material has been copiedEmail for completed process

NOTE: This process may take about an hour.  Do not repeat these steps as Blackboard will duplicate all of your material, tests, and discussion boards in the new shell.


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