Student Grade Book View

Blackboard 9 has limited instructors to view their grade book and the question has come up several times on what exactly do students see.  This entry displays what students see.

To enter the grade book, many instructors add a button or link to their course.  This link merely points to the “My Grades” tool within Blackboard.

Getting to grade book

Once in the grade book, students can view:

  • Assignment (item) names
  • Details (assignment information)
  • Due dates (if you use them)
  • Last submitted, edited, o r graded date (this will post the latest date activity has occurred including instructor activity)
  • Grade (points you gave student or automatically graded in Blackboard)
  • Points possible (point value of assignment)
  • Comments (if you use them)

Students can click on their score if it is underlined in blue (hyperlink) and view the results of their test if you allow it or the assignment they submitted if you use the assignment feature.

Student grade book view


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